ARISE Ministry:

ARISE Ministry exists to offer outreach, case management and pastoral care to those involved in the sex-trade.  ARISE is a mission of the Presbytery of East Toronto, and supported by the Presbyterian Church in Canada.


ARISE Ministry provides street outreach to women on Thursday nights from 11:30pm.  Through outreach we seek to build relationships and provide support to those involved in the sex-trade.  Our outreach partners are Yonge Street Mission and Salvation Army Corps 614.

Case Management Program:

The case management program is primarily meant to serve those who are or have been involved in the sex-trade and are looking for support around exiting.  It can also be offered as a preventative program for high-risk youth or for those in recovery who might need some stability.  The case management program can take up to 5 participants at a time for 4 months of weekly one-on-one meetings and goal setting.  Each week during the case management meeting a topic would be discussed and weekly goals would be set.

Self-Defence Program:

We participate in the Seana Rossi Self-Defence Program offered in partnership with Toronto BJJ every Wednesday from 4-5pm. It is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based and we train in a Gi (Traditional Martials Arts Kimono) which is loaned weekly.  The class is ongoing, completely FREE, and new-comers are welcome at any time. Please contact us for details and to sign-up! For  program updates and announcements please visit the Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/seanaselfdefence

Pastoral Care:

ARISE offers chaplaincy and spiritual care to the community through accompaniment, advocacy, hospital and jail visits.  ARISE offers many pastoral services to community members including participating in Public Worship, Funeral and Memorial Services, and offering the sacraments.


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