Our Story

The name ARISE has dual meaning, as an acronym it stands for Advocacy and Reclaiming those Involved in the Sex-trade through Empowerment.  We advocate for the rights, goals, and dreams of women, youth and children who have become victims of sex-trafficking.  Reclaiming means, “to recover and redeem, to restore value to something that has been devalued” (Brendtro, Brokenleg & Van Bockern, 2002:3).  Those involved in the sex-trade have been devalued through coercion, exploitation, abuse, isolation, and prejudice.  It is the hope of this program to empower these individuals through relationship and goal setting that they might be able to advocate and reclaim for themselves and their lives.

However, beyond the acronym the deeper theological meaning comes the parallels between the bent-over woman who Jesus heals (Luke 13:10-17) and the lived experiences of those involved in the sex-trade who have been bent-over and crippled by exploitation, trauma, abuse, and addiction.  Jesus healed the woman in the Gospel and she immediately arose, stood up straight, and began praising God for the wonderful things God had done.  It is our hope, prayer, and firm belief that God will do wonderful things in the lives of these victims allowing them to arise, stand up straight, and begin praising. 

Facts and Purpose:

  • Women and Girls together account for 75% of all trafficking victims detected globally (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2012:7)
  • Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation accounts for 58% of all trafficking cases detected globally (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2012:7)
  • Studies on Human Trafficking in Canada conclude that the majority of people trafficked within Canada are Aboriginal women and children victims of sex trafficking (Barrett:iii)
  • In Canada Aboriginal women are frequently trafficked from rural to urban centres (Barrett:46)
  • Traffickers receive a higher financial gain for girls under the age of 18 (Canadian Women’s Foundation)
  • The average age a girl is “turned-out” into prostitution is 13 and getting younger (Canadian Women’s Foundation)

In response to the overwhelming need in the city for a program that will intentionally support one of our cities most marginalized and victimized populations, this ministry provides and intensive case management for women wanting to exit the sex trade.


  • ARISE Ministry works with women, youth and children who are victims of sex trafficking and/or have worked in the sex trade
  • ARISE Ministry provides case management up to 5 women per month
  • ARISE Ministry provides street outreach to the prostitution strolls one night a week (Thursday evenings beginning at 11:30pm) in  partnership with Yonge Street Mission.
  • ARISE Ministry builds partnerships with organizations that serve at-risk children and youth with the hope of preventing involvement in the sex-trade and offering support to children, youth, and women already involved.

 Case Management Structure:

  • This program includes:
    • A  one-on-one case management meeting on a weekly basis that involves goal setting and prevention and awareness training
    • Approximately 4 hours of follow-up based on the week’s goals divided into the categories of opportunity development, personal growth and connecting with community
    • The program runs for approximately 16 weeks with a different topic being covered each week, based on the participants needs and goals
    • The program  offers a monthly incentive to eligible participants

The case manager provides additional support to participants through referrals, advocacy, and accompaniment

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